Guideline-Based Segmentation

For Radiotherapy

World’s first comprehensive solution for AI radiotherapy contouring

Delivering automation, verification, standardization, and continuous education for the introduction of AI contouring into your department.

GBS™ solution is the answer to all clinical needs in radiotherapy
contouring, from contour assessment (Verify) to AI-based automation and
standardization through guideline compliance (Contour+) to supporting the
contouring knowhow of the users (Guide).

GBS™ Products


Improvement in contouring consistency

The auto-contouring algorithm has been trained to delineate according to international guidelines. Thus, it guides towards standardization and decreases user-dependent variations which helps create more consistent contours.


Reduction in manual work

Fully automated 3D organ models are created in minutes, as opposed to hours of manual work. This allows users to focus more on individualized patient treatment and utilize limited resources better.

Guidelin Based Segmentation Solution
Treatment planning

Same day treatment

Cloud-based AI model seamlessly integrates with treatment planning systems enabling the implementation of same-day treatments. Now users can decrease patient waiting times while providing faster, higher quality treatment plans.

Adheres to international consensus guidelines

GBS™ follows 18+ official contouring guidelines, approved by ESTRO, EPTN, UK SABR Consortium, and RTOG. Clinics are guided towards standardized contouring and clinical protocols that align with these international guidelines.