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Guideline Training & Competence Tool

Training platform to improve your expertise

MVision Guide enables the experts to be competent to review and accept the AI-generated contouring results.


  • Comprehensive library
    A high-quality library of guideline-compliant reference training material is available. The reference library contains manually contoured scans for all anatomical sites, which are peer-reviewed for all ROIs.
  • Peer-reviewed, complex scans
    Library includes: CT scans for Brain, Head and Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Male Pelvis, Female Pelvis, MRI scans for Male Pelvis T2, T1-Dixon weighted images and Brain T1 weighted 3D images.
  • Uncovers errors and deviations
    Supports the use of Contour+ by increasing clinician sensitivity to detect auto-segmentation errors and deviations from those described in guidelines.
  • Encourages contouring consensus 
    Has the potential to further increase in-house user consensus and guideline compliance, as well as decrease contouring variation.