Automatic Segmentation
for Radiotherapy with AI

We help you standardize organ-at-risk contouring and automate segmentation in radiotherapy to streamline cancer treatment planning.

Better radiotherapy treatment with consistent quality contouring


By following official consensus guidelines, we help you increase the reliability of contours. A proper standard is a must for every clinic, and we implement it for you.

Time save

Fully automated 3D organ models that are delivered in a minute, as opposed to hours of manual work. You can focus on more complex delineation tasks and stop wasting limited resources.


Inter-observer variation is a known challenge in manual contouring. We replace variation with high consistency. You can finally limit adverse effects related to errors in delineation of structures.


With one software and a GDPR compliant architecture, radiotherapy treatment planning has never been this simple. Our cloud-based AI model seamlessly integrates with all hospital systems.

High Quality, Consistent Contouring


MVision AI is a pioneering, cloud-based software service provider for radiotherapy treatment planning. Our AI-powered automatic segmentation tool helps to standardize contouring and automate segmentation to streamline radiotherapy treatment planning workflow. Our deep learning model produces consistent contouring in minutes while maintaining the highest standards of quality for every patient, every time.

MVision AI Segmentation Service is CE marked

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