Guideline-Based AI Segmentation

Automatic contouring for radiotherapy

Automatic Contouring for Radiation Therapy

Contour+ speeds up contouring, guides toward standardization, and increases consistency. Designed to guide the clinic’s contouring practice toward consensus and guideline compliance.

Comprehensive AI contouring solution

Contour+ encompasses all major anatomical sites and treatment planning structures with state-of-the-art 3D AI models. The models cover over 250 standard and complex structures, such as lymph nodes, bowel loops, and brachial plexus, as well as anatomical landmarks. These structures are tightly aligned with international contouring guidelines provided by RTOG, ESTRO, UK SABR Consortium, and many others.

Brain CT

The Brain CT model covers 28 OAR structures used in brain tumor radiotherapy treatment planning. View official Guidelines


OAR Structures

Brain MR

The Brain MR model* includes 29 OAR structures. The majority of these are based on the EPTN guidelines published in 2018 and 2021. The model supports high resolution T1 sequences from multiple MRI vendors. View official Guidelines


OAR Structures

Head & Neck CT

This complex and high-quality model contains a total of 74 structures, both OARs and Lymph node regions, specific for Head and Neck cancer treatments. The model works with both contrast and non-contrast enhanced scans and handles dental filling artefacts and different anatomies well. View official Guidelines


Head and Neck number of ROI (incl. 27 lymph nodes)

Breast CT

The breast CT model comprises over 55 ROIs. The breast radiotherapy-specific structures are based on the ESTRO, RTOG, and RADCOMP guidelines. In addition to the standardized structures, ready-made combinations of the target volumes are included. Heart chambers are also provided according to the Milo et al. 2020 guideline. View official Guidelines


Breast number of ROI (incl. 30 lymph nodes)

Abdomen & Lung CT

The Abdomen and Lung CT model has 35+ OAR structures to aid in standardized treatment planning for both conventional EBRT and SBRT. Heart chambers are also available in this model according to the Milo et al. 2020 guideline. View official Guidelines


Abdomen & Lung number of ROI

Female Pelvis CT

The Female Pelvis CT model comes with a collection of more than 40 structures. It includes lymph nodes for the pelvic region and also provides para-aortic lymph nodes and abdominal OARs for more extensive treatments. View official Guidelines


Female pelvis number of ROI (incl. lymph nodes and CTVs)

Male Pelvis CT

The CT model offers a vast collection of structures including 2 different lymph node volumes as recommended by the RTOG and PIVOTAL guidelines. View official Guidelines


Male pelvis number of ROI (incl. 15 anatomical landmarks and 2 different lymph nodes)

Male Pelvis MR Dixon

This MRI model for male pelvis radiotherapy covers T1-Dixon sequences and provides contours for 8 ROIs. In addition to these, Body is also included for MR-only workflow. View official Guidelines


Male pelvis number of ROI

Male Pelvis MR T2

This MRI model for male pelvis radiotherapy covers T2 weighted sequences and provides contours for 7 ROIs, allowing enhanced accuracy over CT-based contouring. View official Guidelines


Male pelvis MR T2 number of ROI

Whole Body CT

The Whole Body CT model has 79 OARs, being suitable for the irradiation of multiple sites, large volumes, or long structures. It offers a fast solution for the time-consuming task of delineating multiple structures. View official Guidelines


Whole Body CT number of ROI

Bone CT

Individual vertebrae and ribs are supported within the Bone CT model, making up a total of 48 structures that can be used either as OARs or CTVs for SBRT or palliative treatments. View official Guidelines


Bone CT number of ROI

GDPR & HIPAA Compliant Workflow

Security is built into the software.

All images are pseudo-anonymised and delivered to the MVision AI cloud only to generate the contouring results. Data is uploaded to the cloud through an encrypted connection to be processed by the AI algorithm. Once the organs are auto-segmented, the data is sent back to the clinic via the same encryption/decryption process. Received data is deleted from the cloud server after 24 hours. The whole process including uploading, processing, and receiving results takes only a few minutes, automatically in the background.

MVision AI workflow

How does it work?

CT/MRI scans are sent encrypted and anonymized to the MVision AI cloud with just a click. An AI algorithm draws the 3D models of the organs and returns the data to the clinic.

This happens as an automated background process. Software is HIPAA and GDPR – compliant. Safety by design is a core principle of the software.

Auto-Contouring features

  • Standardized
    Models trained with only peer-reviewed contouring data according to consensus guidelines: ESTRO, EPTN, RTOG, UK SABR Consortium
  • Multi-environment deployment
    Cloud-based and local, fully integratable with all hospital systems
  • Time-saving
    A reduction of up to 95% in contouring time per patient
  • Reliable
    Accurate, fast and reliable contours of 250+ ROIs, including 60+ lymph node areas
  • Certified
    CE-marked, FDA-Cleared, obtained MDSAP and ISO 13485 certification