MVision GDPR compliant SaaS segmentation service obtained CE certification for all major cancer sites

MVision AI OY, a Helsinki based startup company in the field of radiation oncology software services, announces the successful CE certification of all AI-based organ models. The latest version of its innovative cloud-based segmentation services offers now organ models for all major cancer sites.

The different models can be used to automatically contour organs at risk and target structures in the brain, head & neck, male and female thorax, abdomen, and female and male pelvis regions. The deep learning neural network has been trained using ground truth data following internationally accepted consensus guidelines and can be used by any clinic without further training or adaptation by user-specific data.

Mahmudul Hasan, founder, and CEO of MVision AI says: “I am very proud of the whole team at MVision AI who has done a tremendous job in creating such a strong service in quite a short time. I am very thankful to our clinical collaboration partners for all discussions and feedback we got from them” Mahmudul Hasan continued: “The CE certification and clinical release of our first complete set of organ models marks a major milestone for the company and is a strong base for the development of new MVision services and products. We are working with our clinical partners on AI-based MRI contouring and on AI-driven dose prediction for different treatment modalities. It is just the first step to MVision’s cloud-based Physician Driven Planning Solution. In parallel, we are building a strong distribution network and will be happy to announce in the coming weeks the global growth of our partner network.”

About MVision AI

MVision AI is a young Helsinki based medical technology startup developing innovative AI-based software as a service solution to improve radiation oncology. The company has started marketing MVision Segmentation Services earlier this year. Already today, clinics in five European countries are using MVision’s cloud-based services on a regular base. This year MVision will focus on the European markets and will enter the international markets namely in the US and APAC later part next year.

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